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May 28, 2013

Every now and then I come across a really talented photographer who continues to produce stunning work time and time again. I first met Niyaz on Facebook of all places! I don’t really remember the details of how we met, but we naturally became good Facebook friends.
Markus Griebling

I was always amazed at how Niyaz regularly produced such wonderful images. After occasionally commenting on his photos for some time, I asked Niyaz if he would be interested in having his work featured on this site. One thing led to another and now, here it is – his story. Well, sit back and enjoy an insight into the man behind the camera.

At the end of the interview, I’ll present a small gallery of his work and a link to his inspiring and colorful Facebook page!

Photography is my passion!

profiPhotos:  How long have you been making these great photos and what inspires you?

Niyaz:  Photography is my passion and I have been on this enlightening journey for more than four (4) years now.  I have always believed that “Every image has a story behind it” and I love exploring any aspect of photography which gives me a chance to tell a story.  I like to photograph anything that catches my eye, however, I am happiest when there is a human element in my photos … this tends to create a different mood in the shot.

Niyaz:  I am always amazed with the possibilities that exist within a photograph.  For me, it’s not only catching the moment, but creating a vision and a path from my heart that reaches out to the world.

profiPhotos:  OK, there’s a lot of photographers out there that are just starting out.  What advice could you impart on them as they embark on this incredible journey for themselves?

Man on bicycle feet up riding on beach as new wave rolls in with blue cloudy sky.
A man riding through the shifting tides of life.

Niyaz: I’m not great about giving advice, but if photography is your passion, you should listen to your heart, and learn the patience it takes to make great photographs.  Additionally, here’s a few more tips;

  • Be a great observer and shoot what you “see”.
  • Be imaginative.
  • Think about new concepts, try shooting different subjects, (even if it takes you out of your comfort zone) as that could bring new challenges and inspire you with fresh new ideas.
  • Remember that you should have a story or a concept in your head when you take that next special photo.
  • Be interactive.
Black and white photo men sitting on camels with 3 additional camels in tow.
Some men sitting on camels. What could be the story behind this photo?

Niyaz:  Join local photo groups, travel with them on shoots, and learn from them.  It is always best to shoot with other photographers – especially those that are more experienced.  This way, you get to learn their techniques, their equipment, their style, their stories and a whole lot more.  Aside from that, you will most certainly make new friends.

profiPhotos:  So your basically saying, hook up with other photographers and get out there and shoot.

Niyaz:  That’s right.  Doing that will certainly offer you an opportunity to learn lots of new things.  The more you interact with others, the more new things you will discover about photography.  There will be times when you need inspiration in order to have the drive to get out and take that next beautiful shot.  At times like those, fall back on your favorite subject matter and get out there and start shooting!  As I mentioned earlier, what I love the most is the presence of a person or persons in the photograph.

The Magic Moment

profiPhotos: They say timing is everything … and when I look at your photos I can tell you almost always get it right!  Can you share some of your secrets?

Niyaz:  Timing your shots well is one of the keys in taking beautiful photographs.  Also, looking for candid shots can actually provide you with more opportunities for taking those eye catching shots.  Try to capture scenes where people are going about their everyday business.  You will see how much more natural your photos become.  If you check out well shot photos, you will often find that the best ones are those that are taken where the subjects are not aware or are not looking at the camera.

Niyaz:  Understanding lighting and knowing the perfect time to press the shutter release is important!  It comes with practice and experience.  First practice with a point-and-shoot camera before you graduate up to a DSLR.  Understand focus and composition well – there’s even an article on the basics of composition here on this WEB site.  All the reading on the internet will not help unless you actually practice what you learn.  Keep taking lots of photos and ask more experienced photographers to have a look at your work and offer their opinions.

Young man fishing has caught a small fish evening mood with sunset reflecting off water.
Someone has just caught a small fish. Will he throw it back?
Rider on dirt bike leaning heavily to right and throwing up bunch of sand.
Now here's an action shot that was captured at just the right moment.

Niyaz:  If you’re a beginner and you have a friend who knows a professional photographer, try to see if your friend can arrange a meeting.  Take advantage of that opportunity and ask the professional for feedback on your work.  By doing that, and heeding good advice, you will make improvements in your own photographic skills.  Aside from that, maybe the professional would consider becoming your mentor.  Take the time to examine the works of other photographers, amateurs as well as professionals.  Go to blogs, social networking sites and browse magazines and learn what you can.

profiPhotos:  Aside from getting others to review your work, is there anthing you can do if you don’t have access to a professional?

Niyaz:  Going through your own photo collection is another excellent way to inspire yourself – especially if you’re a beginner.  Check out your own work a few weeks after the fact.  This can provide you with new insights into your photos.  It will give you a fresh opportunity to see what you did right, and what you did wrong.  More importantly, always be on the look out for ways to improve!

Closing Remarks

profiPhotos:  Niyaz, you have provided lots of good tips and thoughts about what goes through your head when you make a photo. But what can one do to shoot one of those stunning photos that really get noticed?

Niyaz:  Interesting photos will surely get lots of attention. One of the best things that you can do is to become more aware of how you compose your subject within the frame. Before pressing the shutter release, take some time to check your subject within the frame. Try to see if the subject blends well with the surroundings, and “see” all the other things that would be included in the photo. By doing that, you would be able to ensure that your photograph reflects your vision and tells your story!

profiPhotos:  Thanks so much for sharing with us – have you any final thoughts or words of wisdom?

Niyaz:  “It’s wonderful that you’ve taken some good or really great photos, but don’t stop there. Practice, analyze what works and what doesn’t and see if you can make even better photographs!”

Fine photographer Niyaz Ahmed sitting floor illuminated by single table lamp.
A portrait of fine artist photographer Niyaz Ahmed.
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